Home Construction Timeline

Details of your home’s building process 

Building your dream house with Tyris Homes only takes a few short months. With our years of experience and efficient methods of building, we can have your home ready for you in no time.


Month 1:

  • The homesite is staked for home location. After final elevations are determined for maximum aesthetics, excavation begins.
  • Footers are dug and concrete poured. Poured concrete or masonry foundation walls are installed and inspected.
  • Concrete slab for basement is poured.
  • Yard is rough graded and water and sewer connections to the home are made.


Month 2:

  • Home framing begins. This includes framing of the floors, walls, and roof trusses.
  • Rough-ins for your home’s mechanical systems begins. This includes plumbing, electrical and HVAC.
  • Roof shingles and selected exterior siding are installed.
  • Decks and porches are constructed.
  • Brick or stone to grade as specified is laid on the foundation.


Month 3:

  • Insulation is installed with the appropriate R-factor.
  • Drywall is installed, finished and painted.
  • Cabinets are installed and trimmed out.
  • Lighting is installed and trimmed out.
  • HVAC is completed and trimmed out.


Month 4:

  • Flooring selections of carpet, wood and/or tile are installed.
  • Plumbing is completed and fixtures installed.
  • Final interior “punch-out” items are completed.
  • Concrete sidewalk to the house, final landscaping and asphalt driveway paving completed.


Final walk-through and closing!