6 Steps to Buying Your Home

Buying Your Tyris Home

Buying a new home is one of, if not the, largest investments most families make. At Tyris Homes, we understand this and want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the entire process. Building a home can seem like an overwhelming task, but we pride ourselves on making the process a simple and stress free one.

There are 6 general steps to buying your home if you are choosing your homesite and beginning construction from the ground up. This list is intended to help you understand the process Tyris Homes would work through with you:

  1. Choose your homesite: Meet with us to discuss a specific homesite you have available to you that you would like to build your home on or view one of the many homesites we have available to us in the Walnut Creek Community in Christiansburg ( HYPERLINK “http://www.walnutcreekcommunities.com” www.walnutcreekcommunities.com). We also have access to homesites in Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Salem, and Roanoke County.
  2. Deciding on the right home for you: Choosing a floorplan that meets your needs and that fits within your price range. We have many floorplans and home styles we have built, which you can find under the Virtual Tour and Plans section of our website. We can also design any home to meet your specific needs if we can not otherwise find a plan that suits you.
  3. Execute a Sale/Purchase agreement: Once we have all the specifications and details, we will offer a contract price for the home, which guarantees that you will pay the amount we have agreed upon (the one variable is the possibility of rock presence in a lot). At this time, you would need to pay a deposit on the home. If you are not able to obtain a mortgage loan, this deposit is fully refundable to you.
  4. Apply for your mortgage: Generally, we request that within five business days of the Sale/Purchase agreement being signed, you contact a lender of your choosing and seek pre-approval for the agreed upon home purchase amount. This pre-approval letter will be required prior to construction beginning on your home.
  5. Construction of your home begins: Once you have decided on your homesite and home, the deposit has been paid and your mortgage application has been approved, construction on your new home begins. We will walk you through the entire process from beginning of construction to end and are always available to answer any questions you have. Our goal is for you to find the Tyris Homes’ construction process to be simple and stress free.
  6. Close on your home and Move-in: Once your home is complete and a closing date is set, we will take you through your new home and show you all the features and amenities and how all the appliances and systems work. We will answer any questions you have and are always available if you have questions in the future.

Upon closing, you will receive the key to your brand new Tyris Home!